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How do you revitalize a retailer's business when their original innovation has become commoditized and they are caught between Wal-Mart's low prices and the 'expert' credibility of Independents?

Prospero and Pearle Vision embarked on a year-long innovation process. We developed five distinctive retail concepts, each with a different customer and business model in mind. We then identified the most profitable and operationally viable segment to serve, and the concept that was right for them.

This concept is being implemented in a test market. Initial results are very positive.

"Prospero is uniquely able to help management teams look at their businesses with fresh eyes. They are very strong at primary data collection and interpretation, but their real magic is how they work with client companies to come up with new ideas that are ready to move out the door. Their ongoing workshops produce strong, creative solutions which are informed by fresh new thinking, but grounded in senior management expertise, passion and know-how."
Marketing Director, Pearle Vision