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Many small efforts in tandem are better than one big one
Learning by doing works. Learning by telling doesn't
Metaphors hold incredible power
Business should learn from biology

Rodney Brooks, Director of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Chairman and CTO of iRobot Corporation, leading authority on robotics and AI
In his seminal essay, "Fast, cheap and out of control: a robotic invasion of the solar system", Rodney Brooks shows how the best way to accomplish a goal in a dynamic and unpredictable environment is to launch multiple small-scale efforts rather that one big expensive mission. In the context of space exploration, it means lots of simple, expendable autonomous robots. In the context of marketing and brand building, it means interacting with a changing marketplace on multiple fronts: lots of diverse ideas, not one Superbowl ad.

Roger Schank, Director of the Institute for the Learning Sciences at Northwestern, CTO of Cognitive Arts, Leading authority on AI
Learning is an inherently emotional experience. If you don't have experiences, you're not going to learn. Prof. Schank's thinking underpins our insistance on a collaborative approach. If a client is truly going to innovate, they have to be involved in the process.

David Gelernter, Professor of Computer Science at Yale, Chief Scientist at Mirror Worlds, leading authority on AI.
Prof. Gelernter shows how metaphors structure our experience of reality. Metaphors help us understand, learn and integrate the unfamiliar. And they are critical for innovation as you can't imagine something new without a metaphor.

Christopher Meyer, Cap Gemini, Director of the Center for Business Innovation
Christopher Meyer encourages brands to be "biological" - to be spontaneously self-organizing systems. For example, if you destroy one area of a termite mound, the colony survives, spontaneously reorganizing elsewhere. Strong brands, like John Deere, eBay and Progessive Insurance are this adaptive. Prospero's workshops use scenario thinking to build adaptivity into our clients' brands.